Along the Sacramento River

Sometimes other people's wit catches us by surprise. My son and I have been walking along the Sacramento River now and again, and this grafitti never fails to amuse me. Love is Free. ...So is poop. All the more relevant as there are homeless encampements and lots of dogs in the area. Love and Poop.... Continue Reading →

Kobe Bryant

Reflections on the one year anniversary of his death It seems hard for me to believe that it has been just about a year (January 26, 2020) since we got the sad news of Kobe Bryant's death. And that of his young daughter, Gianna. While I am not especially a Lakers fan, I don't think... Continue Reading →

A Fog Blog

Today was a foggy day. At about 1030 AM or so, the spouse and I went for a walk break. It was still foggy and the air was tinged with whiteness, as it often is just before snow falls. Only we don’t get snow here by the rivers. Rarely, anyway. The last time I think... Continue Reading →

Seeking Silver Linings

It seems like 2020 was the year of cancellations, bad news, and ugly media. Now, in 2021, I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't necessarily more of the same. I mean, after all, there's an "antidote" circulating now, right? Forgive me if I sound naiive. I'm not. But with the arrival of... Continue Reading →

All I Ever Wanted to Know – Language

When I was a kid, about age 12 or so, my lifetime goal was to be a polyglot. I checked out books from my Junior High library on how to learn Russian. I remember writing "DOM TAM" and "BOT TIM" in Cyrillic cursive, painstakingly, in my notebook. (For the record, the sentences mean "The house... Continue Reading →

The Birth of the Sun

Tonight the solstice will hit my area about 2 AM Pacific Time. I've always thought of it as the birth of the sun, coming just before the birth of the Son. Winter Solstice is a hopeful time. More light. Longer, glorious days. A presage to the warmer days ahead. We also have another interesting astronomical... Continue Reading →

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