Talk Bookish to Me

This was a surprisingly entertaining read.

I picked up Kate Bromley’s book: Talk Bookish to Me from the NEW books section at my local library. I liked the idea that it was about a romance writer who is stalled, but who uses the rekindling of a past romance to inspire her writing.

From the first paragraph, I found the story compelling, the dialogue witty, and the premise–well, not terribly trite, so it was good.

Once I cracked open the book, I put aside the ten other books I am (still) reading, and finished this one. I even stayed up late to finish. That’s always a good sign.

Recommended. Especially if you like a good modern romance.

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History for Kids – California Gold Rush

Not long ago we were in San Francisco listening to a presentation on local history. Even though I am a native Californian, I must have slept through the history lessons in class. The discussion prompted me to check out a few books from the library, all of them children’s books. I confess I don’t usually enjoy the history books written for grown ups, and I usually don’t finish them. But kids books? Easy peasy.

Here’s a couple I read recently:

By Jean Blashfield

My GoodReads Review

This children’s book is a potpourri of facts about the Gold Rush. There are some social commentaries thrown in as if they were facts, but not enough to taint the book completely.

Interesting photos and timelines are included. The book is not very colorful, as it is done in sepia and lighter yellow tones.

If giving this to a kid to read, the kid will either need to be writing a report for school, or be extremely interested in facts related to that era. 

I gave the book a three star review.

By Caroline Attia

Here’s my brief GoodReads Review

Good art and an interesting story. When my 10 year old read it, she told me she wanted to know what happened next.

I gave the book a four star review, mainly because it was interesting. I don’t know that I had read anything that also included the Chinese immigrant perspective.

These two books are the lightest of the five books we got from the library. A good starting point, perhaps, for someone interested in expanding their knowledge on this era.

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Along the Sacramento River

Sometimes other people’s wit catches us by surprise.

My son and I have been walking along the Sacramento River now and again, and this grafitti never fails to amuse me.

Love is Free. …So is poop.

All the more relevant as there are homeless encampements and lots of dogs in the area. Love and Poop. That’s all we need. Or is it?

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