Don’t Stop. Running.

I’ve gone running a total of two times since Halloween 2020. A year ago I was running pretty much daily.

Both runs were so painful they necessitated a social media post.

From February 19

I’m happy to report I got out there and ran this morning. In the rain. With achy joints. And an occasional bad word sprinkled in here and there. But I got out there. Slow. But done. Hadn’t run since Halloween. And yes, this run was frightful. But, all’s well and the shoes still fit.

The shoes, at rest.

From March 22

REPORT: I went out for “a run” today. Ouch. More like a joggle. Word of advice: don’t stop running if you made it a habit. It is hard to restart.

Is joggle even a word?

When it comes to run-jog-limp-waddle, I guess it is.

But, I’m happy I got back out there. Once a month is better than none a month.

Maybe I can break my record of two times in five months? As the author James Clear (Atomic Habits) reminds us, a daily improvement of 1% is still good. Think about how much you can improve over time!

I’m setting my intentions here. Time to break the 5 month record of two runs!

What about you? When is the last time you went out for a run?

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Ideas from James Clear

“Repetition unlocks value.

The value of your first workout increases the more you exercise.

The value of your first article increases the more you write.

The value of your first conversation increases the longer you stay in the relationship.

Day One continues to compound.”

James Clear

from his weekly newsletter 3-2-1 Thursday

Be Selectively Ignorant

Be “selectively ignorant.” Ignore topics that drain your attention. Unfollow people that drain your energy. Abandon projects that drain your time. Do not keep up with it all. The more selectively ignorant you become, the more broadly knowledgeable you can be.

— James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits

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