Napoleon Hill’s A Year of Growing Rich

I’m working my way through this book and I’ve just read the section on Sincerity.

I was inspired by this short anecdote.

A friend of Abraham Lincoln once told him that his enemies were saying terrible things about him behind his back.

“I don’t care what they say,” exclaimed Lincoln, “so long as they’re not telling the truth.” Sincerity of purpose made Lincoln immune to fear of criticism.

– Napoleon hill


The book itself is in bite-size pieces, each section meant to be read multiple times per week before moving on to the next section.

I like the messages, so I’ll probably read it faster than over a year.

This next great quote is from the section titled “No One Drifts to Success”.

If you want to achieve success, make today the day you stop drifting. Decide upon a definite goal. Write it down. Commit it to memory. Decide exactly how you plan to achieve it. Then begin by putting the plan into action immediately.

– Napoleon Hill

All good advice.  I couldn’t phrase it better, so I’ll leave you with the last lines from Week 1 as a parting gift.

“Your future is what you make it. Decide now what it shall be.”

– Napoleon Hill

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My Books This Week

What I’m Reading

Lately, my attention span has been pretty short, but that doesn’t mean I stop reading. It simply means I jump from book to book, depending on the mood. A sign of a good book, in my opinion, is one that I must finish before going back to the others. Or one that keeps jumping to the top of the pile.

Here are my books for this week, loosely ordered as if you were looking at the eclectic stack on my desk:

The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life by Edith Eger

The Dead Will Tell (Kate Burkholder #6) by Linda Castillo

A House Divided (Rowland Sinclair #1) by Sulari Gentill

You Are Never Alone by Max Lucado

Napoleon Hill’s a Year of Growing Rich: 52 Steps to Achieving Life’s Rewards by Napoleon Hill

The Cancer Code: A Revolutionary New Understanding of a Medical Mystery by Jason Fung

A few comments about the books:

The Gift is a “how to” pragmatic follow up to Dr. Eger’s book The Choice, which I thoroughly enjoyed (as much as one can enjoy a memoir about the Holocaust and personal experience). Actually Dr. Eger conveys so much practical advice and inspiration, I can’t recommend The Choice more exuberantly.

Just started The Dead Will Tell. It’s compelling and maybe nightmare-inducing, as many of Linda Castillo’s books are. Looking forward to finding out what happens to Kate Burkholder next.

Napoleon Hill’s book establishes a reading schedule for one year, including it over and over again each week, and taking a year to work through the book. I doubt I will read it that slowly, but there are lots of interesting tips. I probably will read through it earlier and faster. I’m such a rebel. Sometimes.

I haven’t read Max Lucado before, but the book You Are Never Alone looked interesting. It’s different from my usual palette of books, but so far it is a positive read.

I’ll let you know how the books were, after I finish.

What are you reading this week?

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