Coincidence or Irony?

It’s freezing outside. I took a photo of the frozen grass but not quite sure I was able to convey the iciness of it.

I mentioned I need to get back to running.

You may have noticed we had some terrible air quality here in California this summer, thanks to crazy wildfires and a lack of rain. It definitely impacted my outdoor plans, but on many occasions I would get up before the “dirty air” would settle, and get my run in anyway. There were days when the only safe time to run would have been at 2 AM, so I did take a few days off.

I was pretty committed to getting my runs in. And I miss that commitment, which is why I’m posting about it. And planning.

I have everything I need to get outside and run.

But today, when it’s almost December and we’re experiencing overnight freezing, I note that the air quality has blipped into the unhealthy for sensitive groups range. On the air quality map, it’s showing a little orange dot over the city, where most of the rest of the state has good quality air.

It almost feels as though the universe read my blog that I needed to get the shoes back on and get out on the trail.

No matter, tomorrow is supposed to be a better day, air-quality-wise. I’ll need to decide to put on the shoes, anyway.

I’ll stop procrastinating. Tomorrow.

Putting Things Off

Back on the second of November, I decided to “take a few days off” in the running arena. It was the day before the national elections and I felt like I needed a break.

So I took one. And the one or two days I was going to take a break extended into about…oh, 27 days now. I feel it in my bones. It wasn’t really a break after awhile, just breaking a good habit.

The kids have noticed, the spouse has noticed. My mood has been discernably worse. I’d like to blame it on the exterior events in the country, but I can’t.

It’s official. I need to take my daily run. Like medicine.

The spouse even sponsored a new running shoes purchase. Anything to get me back out there. I’m a little nervous. I can feel the lack of running everywhere, but mostly in my ego.

This morning I went for a long walk. I even tested a few half-hearted jogs during the walk.

I know it will be hard when I turn on the throttle and decide to run for a mile or more.

But it seems that I need it. I’m looking forward to the afterburn. It’s better than just about anything.

I could use a lift.

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