Morning Running Thoughts

The thing about running (or jogging) is that, when you are getting ready to go do it, it doesn’t sound like fun. At least, not at 5:30 AM when you didn’t sleep so well and you know you won’t be able to go back to bed afterward.

So, today was another one of those days. I didn’t want to go. In fact, I was arguing with myself on the way to the running class I’ve signed up for. My inner negotiator was telling me I could do less. Today we were “time trialing” a 5K for baseline speed. I could tell you I know I am going to be in the slow category. I don’t need a “time trial” to tell you that. Every run/jog/waddle, I am faced with the trial of being slow. Being last. Being late. But, as I was told by the mentor today, and as he has told me before: “You’re already way ahead of everyone who stayed in bed this morning.”

I had to think on that. I’m ahead of all the people who slept in. All the people who said they’d start an exercise plan. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe when they lost 20 lbs. I’m already ahead of the excuse-makers, the quitters, the when-I-get-around-tuits. It made me feel better. I’m ahead.

But most importantly, I’m ahead of who I was a few short years ago. The person who didn’t run. The person who was about 90 lbs heavier. Who could barely walk a few blocks without getting winded. I’m ahead of her, my former self.

And when I finished today, there was that familiar feeling of accomplishment. Of doing something good for me. Endorphin rush. Oftentimes I get an actual buzz from a good run. Today was no different. Even when it was hard to start. I’m ahead and I feel good.

If I were to tell my prior self that I went for a run today, she would probably blink a few times in disbelief. But I like to think she would be glad for me. And she would cheer me on. And we would both celebrate the fact that I’m ahead of where I used to be. And I’m going to keep on going. Because I can. And because it feels good, especially when I finish.

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Don’t Stop. Running.

I’ve gone running a total of two times since Halloween 2020. A year ago I was running pretty much daily.

Both runs were so painful they necessitated a social media post.

From February 19

I’m happy to report I got out there and ran this morning. In the rain. With achy joints. And an occasional bad word sprinkled in here and there. But I got out there. Slow. But done. Hadn’t run since Halloween. And yes, this run was frightful. But, all’s well and the shoes still fit.

The shoes, at rest.

From March 22

REPORT: I went out for “a run” today. Ouch. More like a joggle. Word of advice: don’t stop running if you made it a habit. It is hard to restart.

Is joggle even a word?

When it comes to run-jog-limp-waddle, I guess it is.

But, I’m happy I got back out there. Once a month is better than none a month.

Maybe I can break my record of two times in five months? As the author James Clear (Atomic Habits) reminds us, a daily improvement of 1% is still good. Think about how much you can improve over time!

I’m setting my intentions here. Time to break the 5 month record of two runs!

What about you? When is the last time you went out for a run?

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Coincidence or Irony?

It’s freezing outside. I took a photo of the frozen grass but not quite sure I was able to convey the iciness of it.

I mentioned I need to get back to running.

You may have noticed we had some terrible air quality here in California this summer, thanks to crazy wildfires and a lack of rain. It definitely impacted my outdoor plans, but on many occasions I would get up before the “dirty air” would settle, and get my run in anyway. There were days when the only safe time to run would have been at 2 AM, so I did take a few days off.

I was pretty committed to getting my runs in. And I miss that commitment, which is why I’m posting about it. And planning.

I have everything I need to get outside and run.

But today, when it’s almost December and we’re experiencing overnight freezing, I note that the air quality has blipped into the unhealthy for sensitive groups range. On the air quality map, it’s showing a little orange dot over the city, where most of the rest of the state has good quality air.

It almost feels as though the universe read my blog that I needed to get the shoes back on and get out on the trail.

No matter, tomorrow is supposed to be a better day, air-quality-wise. I’ll need to decide to put on the shoes, anyway.

I’ll stop procrastinating. Tomorrow.

Putting Things Off

Back on the second of November, I decided to “take a few days off” in the running arena. It was the day before the national elections and I felt like I needed a break.

So I took one. And the one or two days I was going to take a break extended into about…oh, 27 days now. I feel it in my bones. It wasn’t really a break after awhile, just breaking a good habit.

The kids have noticed, the spouse has noticed. My mood has been discernably worse. I’d like to blame it on the exterior events in the country, but I can’t.

It’s official. I need to take my daily run. Like medicine.

The spouse even sponsored a new running shoes purchase. Anything to get me back out there. I’m a little nervous. I can feel the lack of running everywhere, but mostly in my ego.

This morning I went for a long walk. I even tested a few half-hearted jogs during the walk.

I know it will be hard when I turn on the throttle and decide to run for a mile or more.

But it seems that I need it. I’m looking forward to the afterburn. It’s better than just about anything.

I could use a lift.

Sometimes You Need a Break

This week I am focusing more on active minutes, such as standing and stepping. Stuff I can do indoors. We’re going to take it easy this week. If I go outside (and I make a point of it), it won’t be to any city centers anytime soon.

Running is waiting for me, and I look forward to getting back out on the trail just as soon as I’m able.

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