Trauma Is Cumulative

Having a few moments today where I kinda want to crawl under the covers and wait there until January. I now understand how past trauma can actually be cumulative. Say, a person who hasn’t dealt with too much stress in their lives could perhaps manage an acute crisis slightly better than a person who has had multiple and serious trauma. It seems like certain parts of the brain light up like a Christmas tree when faced with crisis after having been faced with crisis before. One positive thing: depending on what the person has survived before, there’s some awareness and faith that survival is possible. There’s truth in the saying “This Too Shall Pass” but why does it feel like passing a particularly large kidney stone?

And for those following my posts generally, at least it’s not COVID. Thanks for your well wishes and prayers. I still want a cozy blanket and a pass to hide out for a little while. Might have to do just that.


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