Gratitude 2020 – Day 8

Blame it on the rain. My gratitude for today was for the cool, windy, rainy weather. And the opportunity I had to go walking in it.

I got my spouse to come out in it with me, and we both had out coat collars pulled up as we trudged up and over the I-5 freeway in Sacramento.

The sky was grey, punctuated by bursts of orange. Fall has landed here in Northern California.

As we walked, we were both reminded of days we lived in Russia during our courtship, where raininess like this was a summer event. Today’s rain brought back some serious laughter from a stay in Karelia, a region not too far from Finland.

We were young and silly. There was some fishing involved. And I think I missed the dock, so I landed in the lake. All was well. Wet, but well.

Rain in California these days is a good thing. It signals that perhaps fire season is over. It signals that the hills will turn bright green, the grasses will grow lush.

It’s winter in the valley.

I’m thankful it got here, finally. Grateful for the fresh weather, fresh air. And the reminder of happy times.

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