Gratitude 2020 – Day 9

Today my gratitude is for the change in the weather. The reflectiveness of the fall season, where our city is bathed in leaves and cool air.

Fall leaves in Sacramento

The coolness and sometimes chill of Fall make it easy to think. We move faster outdoors. We do things faster, to generate heat.

Fall is also suggestive of the beginning of holidays (holy-days) and gatherings. Ritual and tradition. Feasting and celebration.

Although, again, 2020 doesn’t look like last year, it still deserves celebration to note the passing of the year. Perhaps even more so. 

This year has been challenging and for many of us, there have been losses. 

No better reason to stop for a moment and raise a glass to the year of experience, good, bad, and massive growth. That’s how I am going to look at it.

2020 has been a year chock-full of experience. I am better for it. And now I truly understand how precious many things are that were put aside this year.

I’m thankful to be here to note these things. Thankful for decent health in my familial circle. Thankful for continued employment. All these things are good. Grateful.

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