Gratitude 2020 – Day 11

It’s Monday. Mondays are the days that people complain about in songs. It’s the day most 40 hour work weeks begin. We shake off our weekend moods and paces and get back into the fray.

Boy howdy was that true for me today.

But I still have time for gratitude. I make time for it. I look for things to be glad about. I find many things in my day to be thankful for.

Today I am grateful for the creatives. The people who paint. Who write. Who draw. Who design.

I have a Mary Englebreit poster on my wall where she has portrayed an artist in front of a blank canvas and the saying is: “BEGIN ANYWHERE. Just Begin.”

That’s what is so amazing about creative people. They start with nothing and build something out of it. A blank space becomes filled with color.

What have you been able to create? Did you used to draw when you were little? I know I did, but I stopped drawing and painting at a certain age. Fortunately, I have resumed writing in recent years. And sometimes I will draw. So I still am able to create something, from nothing.

And there’s that feeling when one sits back and looks at what has been done. Assesses the art. And the art, no matter how imperfect, is good.

That’s what I am feeling grateful and thankful for today. That act of bringing something good into being.

May we all create some lovely, imperfect art on our journeys. I give myself permission. I urge you to give yourself permission too. Be a creative–you know you are. There’s something you yearn to create. What is it?

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

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