Poisoned – Book Review

I finished a book this weekend that doesn’t fit my usual menu of mysteries. The book was Poisoned by Jennifer Donnelly.

I got a copy from my library and they have put it in the “Teen Fiction” section. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it, except for it showing up on the new books scroll online.

Poisoned is a retelling of Snow White, with a few interesting twists. Some are calling it a feminist retelling, but I actually don’t see it as feminist, unless one calls anything with a female in it feminist. The main character does show some strength later in the book, and maybe that’s where the idea comes floating in. It does have some Grimm’s flavor to it, with some dark imagery. I’d recommend it if you ever loved a good, slightly creepy fairy tale.

Here’s my Goodreads review:

Once I got past some of the odd structural setups of this novel (perspective switches without much notice), I began to enjoy it. A whimsical take on an old fairytale. I liked the main character’s development, although I was frustrated at how dim she was at the beginning of the tale. She did definitely “grow up” in this book, which was satisfying to read. 

I gave it four stars, as it definitely became engrossing after the first few chapters.

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