The Murderer’s Maid – Book Review

Lizzie Borden [had] an axe, 
gave her mother 40 whacks.
When the dirty deed was done, 
she gave her father 41.
The Murderer’s Maid by Erika Mailman

I’m not really sure what to say about this book. It is most certainly a gripping read about the infamous Lizzie Borden and what led to the murders of her father and stepmother. The Borden era is through the eyes of the Borden’s Irish maid, Bridget. But rather than true crime, this book fictionalizes the story and adds another modern day story thread to “lighten” the mood. We follow a modern character as she also gets intrigued by the Borden murders and deals with some unusual experiences of her own.

I read a lot of murder mysteries and a lot of real crime information, and the tale of Lizzie Borden was downright disturbing. (Note: this book is probably best read during daylight hours and not right before bedtime!) No wonder Lizzie Bordenis still a well known character from her era.

If you aren’t familiar with the actual Borden story, this book is enlightening and descriptive. Photos and information are included in the book in case your curiosity is piqued by the day to day life Ms. Borden lived. You won’t get all the answers in this book, but you’ll have a really good idea of what may have happened way back then in Massachusetts.

Recommended. Four out of Five stars.

The actual Borden house in Massachusetts, now a B&B.

As an aside: If you are interested in the idea of staying in the Borden house where the murder occurred, be sure to read the book. There’s a good description of this strange practice in the book. Told me everything I needed to know about it, and more.

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