The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Have you had trouble achieving a long term goal? I have definitely dealt with setbacks in at least three of my longer term goals. I think it might come down to consistency. As in consistent actions adding up to long term results.

This book was first recommended to me in a group I attend related to mindset. The presenter discussed the idea of compound interest and related it to progress on our goals. She mentioned this book. I got myself a copy from the library.

I read my library copy fairly quickly — which is not typical when I am reading a non-fiction, self-help book. This may be an older book as far as some of the examples in it, but the concepts are timeless. I particularly appreciated the conversational style and the focus on small changes that add up to long term success and good health.

In fact, I liked the book so much I bought a few copies to read with my children.

Our weekly family book group is almost done with this book, and the lessons have been helpful. Even the 11 year old has learned a few things about consistent effort and how external things influence us.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I gave it a five star rating for the plain writing, ease of use, and practical tips and to-dos.

Recommended if you need a dose of motivation with some very practical steps for how to apply the advice.

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