It’s just a few words

I live in a great neighborhood. I laced up for my 5th run of the week and headed out. I was running on the street, crossing intersections. Usually there’s not much traffic but today there were a few folks turning left in front of me. An old battered truck not using a turn signal. And then a little red car.  The truck zoomed in front of me and I must have made a face as I continued across the road. I heard a woman’s voice come out of the red car, as it waited for me to cross.

“You’re doing great!” the woman shouted.

At first I was puzzled. Do I look like I need encouragement? And then I realized that the cheer did feel good, and maybe I should stop thinking about the person’s motivation in cheering me on. Thank you for the cheer. It was a nice thing to do.

And by the way, if you’re out there running or walking or biking or just moving more than you did before…you’re doing great!  Keep it up!

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