Blood and Circuses

I first became acquainted with Phryne Fisher via the TV series “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” that stars Australian actors Essie Davis and Nathan Page. I loved the original series.

Eventually, I got around to the books that inspired the series, and they have been quite fun to read. The most recent one I picked up: Blood and Circuses, book 6, was no less entertaining. 

Blood and Circuses

Phryne is, as usual, a daredevil. And a bit more promiscuous than I recall. Perhaps it has something to do with the circus and the carnival. I usually don’t equate physical intimacy with the circus, but Kerry Greenwood created a few unusual scenarios. In fact, a couple of times, they might have been too unusual for me!

No matter, the book was a generally quick read and I did keep coming back to see what Phyrne would do next. There were interesting side characters and the outcomes seemed just and righteous.

This is book 6 in a 21 book series. I hope the next ones are just as entertaining.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because I did get a little creeped out by at least one sex scene.

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