Finders Keepers

My Sunday gratitude:  years ago I was at the lowest of the low as I had recently had a major setback on something I had been working  on for some time. I recall I got out of my vehicle at work and stepped on something shiny. It was a medal. It was a Mother Mary religious medal that had a prayer on it, likely blessed by a priest. I tried to reconnect the medal with its owner, but it stayed with me. If ever I had a sign, that was it. My problem soon resolved, and I moved on with an encouraged heart.

The back of the found medal

Today, I stepped out of the vehicle in a local parking lot where I was going for a run. I nearly stepped on two 5 dollar bills. You might say that money and medals are very different things. I have always viewed a found penny as a message from a HP of prosperity and blessings. Some groups think of the number 5 as the number for change. Since I received two 5ers, I think there’s much change ahead. I’m hoping it’s generally good, as most things are in the end. Thankful for the message from my HP.

Also, I discovered today when teaching English idioms to the spouse, I never finished the phrase “Finders Keepers” — I would stop there. He was today years old when one of our kids taught him the rest of the phrase. The whole saying is “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers.”

I don’t like to focus on losing, so I left that out. 

Hope your Sunday is a win-day.

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